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How Much Cremains Will Be Left To Preserve In Urns For Human Ashes?

How Much Cremains Will Be Left To Preserve In Urns For Human Ashes?

Are you planning to purchase urns for human ashes? You must be wondering about the size you should choose. You must know that it’s the capacity of the container and not the exterior size that matters when it comes to collecting all the cremains of a person after the cremation. But how should you determine that?

The formula is…

Generally, the capacity of a cremation urn for ashes is measured in terms of cubic inches. You can approximately determine the capacity of an urn as per the body weight of the person. For every pound of bodyweight, you will need a cubic inch of space in the urn. Thus, for a person weighing 175 lbs will need an urn of 175 cubic inches. However, there are variations...

Sometimes, the person has a higher bone density than average or is taller than most men/women of his/her age. In such a case, he/she will have more cremains than others. So, you need to choose an urn of bigger size for holding all the cremains. It might not be possible for you to get an exact idea of the amount of cremains, but you can make an approximation and choose an urn accordingly.

Ashes of two persons will be more!

If you want to keep the ashes of a couple in one container, you have to look for bigger wooden urns for human ashes. These are also known as companion urns and have capacities double of that of a single vessel for keeping the ashes of a person. Generally, a standard size of a companion urn will have a capacity of 400 cubic inches and should be enough to hold the cremains of a couple.

If you want to create an urn necklace for ashes, you may not need to preserve all the cremains, but just a small portion of it. Cremation jewelry is quite popular and there are men’s as well as women’s jewelry pieces available. Not just necklaces, but pendants, as well as, earrings are also made from human ashes.

Other factors that determine the amount of ashes

Not just the height and the weight of the person that affect the amount of ashes you’d get after the cremation, but there are other factors too. You need to know that the skin, organs and the fluid of the body are all burned up during cremation and the cremains mainly comprises the bone materials. It is important to note that younger people generally have a higher bone density than the elder persons. Moreover, an adult male will have a higher density than a woman. Taller persons will also have more ashes than the shorter ones. That is the reason you need to consider all these factors while choosing cremation urns for ashes. Thus, do not always rely on the formula for calculating the size of the cremation urns you should choose. Instead, you should make sure that you are considering the different factors while choosing.

What would be the weight of the cremains?

Generally, the typical weight of the cremains of a person of standard height and weight is around 4 pounds. However, it often varies from 3 pounds to 10 pounds depending on the bone density of the person and his/her height.

This post contains important information regarding choosing the right cremation urns. Share this post with others so that they too learn about the factors to determine the size of urns correctly.