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Is There Any Legality Associated With Urns For Ashes For Adults?

Is There Any Legality Associated With Urns For Ashes For Adults?

When choosing urns for ashes for adults, one thing must have crossed your mind, ‘is there any legality associated with such an urn?’ There aren’t any restrictions regarding the size of an urn you choose or the shape you must pick from. However, there are certainly rules for choosing urns for transporting cremains from one place to another, especially from one country to another. There are also certain norms to be followed while purchasing the urns from any particular store. If you choose a biodegradable urn, you might be making a far better decision rather than choosing a non-biodegradable one. Likewise, there are others rules and regulations that you must just keep in mind while ordering. Here go the guidelines:

Rules for purchasing funeral urns for human ashes

You must remember that according to the Federal Trade Commission a funeral home cannot force you to purchase urns from there. If you wish to purchase marble urns for preserving the cremains of your loved ones, you can do so from any reputed online store like Memorials4U. You can even purchase any desired urn and have it delivered to the funeral home directly. As per the law, the funeral home will not be able to refuse to accept the urn bought by you from an external source. It is not even mandatory for you to be present there at the time of arrival of the cremation boxes for human ashes. The representatives at the funeral home should be able to accept the package that arrives.

Laws on transportation and shipping of the urns

Before ordering any unique urns for ashes, you must confirm whether these urns meet the shipping and transportation laws of the region. However while transporting or carrying those vessels along, you must make sure that the containers are tightly closed, sift-proof, and padded well so that there is no spillage of the cremains. If you are planning to bring the urns with you on an airplane, you must read the specific regulations and laws of the airline company as well as the Transportation Safety Administration’s regulations.

Standard sizes of the urns for adults

There is a commonly accepted standard size of the adult urns. This is often defined by the internal capacity of the urns to hold cremains. It is measured in cubic inches. On an average, an urn of 200 cubic inches is considered a standard size for cremains of an adult person. However, you can also choose small urns for cremation ashes based on the purpose or the last rites. In case, you are choosing to keep an urn as a decorative piece in the house, you can choose a large urn that is well decorated and designed to enhance the look of the interiors. You can also place an order for making jewelry of the cremation boxes you are choosing.

Rules for burial of the cremains

Whether you are choosing adult or infant cremation urns for a standard or water burial, you must choose urns accordingly. At a store like Memorials4U, you can find specially designed biodegradable urns for scattering or burying the cremains as per the desire of the family members and the last wish of the departed person. You can even choose beautiful cremation urns from the store. Share this post so that you can let others know about the laws and regulations that they must follow while choosing urns for cremated remains.