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Let Your Loved Ones Stay Eternally In Angel Urns

Let Your Loved Ones Stay Eternally In Angel Urns

It’s sad that you recently lost the ‘angel’ or your life. While his/her void could never be filled up, you could keep him/her closer to you forever. Angel urns for preserving the cremains of deceased persons are quite popular these days. These are made in the shape of angels and contain the cremains inside. Thus, while signifying that the beloved person is being protected by an angel, the person also stays closer to you as a guiding angel of your life. There are other ways too by which you can keep the last remains of a person closer to you and yet fulfill the last wish of the person to be cremated.

Choosing to be buried

If the last wish of the person was to be cremated, you can always fulfill his/her wish. The cremains of the person will be handed over to you by the funeral home. Now, you need to choose what you’d like to do with the cremains. You can transfer the cremains in a biodegradable urn and scatter the cremains in a holy place or into the sea. Moreover, the cremation boxes for ashes could be put inside the vaults and buried underneath the soil with a piece of a headstone on it. Thus, the cremains will not get affected by the environmental elements as well as the last wish of the person will also be fulfilled.

Choosing to be grown into a tree

A very popular trend these days is to grow a memorial tree on the cremains. The biodegradable urn tree is generally of a fruit or flower which was a favorite with the person. The tree could be planted in the lawn or in the backyard of a house. A bench underneath could let the loved ones sit by it and spend some time in memory of the person. To grow a biodegradable urn tree choose urns especially made for the purpose. Thus, while you fulfill the last wish of the person, you also ensure that the person is remembered forever. It is a common notion that the soul of the deceased person resides in that memorial tree and stay closer to the family members for eternity.

To be made into jewelry

Cremation boxes for ashes can be made into different types of jewelry. Earrings, pendants, and rings could be made from small urns. Generally, jewelry is made from urns made from precious metals like gold and silver. You can even turn beautiful angel urns into pendants or earrings. Such jewelry is often worn by the family members of the deceased during different family occasions. Small amounts of cremains is put into each urn and turned into beautiful jewelry. Thus, each member of the family gets a portion of the last remains of their beloved family member.

Cremains can be turned into showpieces

There are beautifully decorated and carved urns that could well become showpieces for a home. Thus, choose a beautiful cremation urn and keep that on top of the mantle or on a shelf in the living room or bedroom. Not only the urn reminds every one of the deceased family member, but will also enhance the look of the interiors.

So, what are you waiting for? Preserve the last remains of your beloved family member for eternity by storing the cremains in durable urns for cremains. And, where to find such choicest urns? You can purchase from an online store Memorials4U. Share this post so that others might know about it too.