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Making Funeral Choices Based On the Values That Are Different From the Previous Generations

Making Funeral Choices Based On the Values That Are Different From the Previous Generations

Families are changing and so are relationships as well as also the ways people are holding on to one another. This is also showing its impact on the world of funeral service. People are no longer strict about following the rituals of burying the mortal remains after death. Rather, they are preserving the cremains in decorated adult urns. These are vessels that are especially designed to hold cremains and are often used these days for similar purposes. Even if people are choosing burial, they are burying just a portion of the ashes in a traditional funeral ceremony and the other half is used in the form of a showpiece, jewelry, or just a prized, private possession.

Funerals value human emotions

As people are aging these days, they are making choices of funerals based on values that are often completely different from that of the previous eras. The funerals are an important part of the grieving process and are seeking ways perpetually to make the last rites of a person meaningful. For instance, a couple is never separated even after death by burying their cremains separately. Rather their cremains are kept together forever in beautifully designed companion urns. Similarly, army veterans are remembered by preserving their cremains in special military themed urns for ashes for adults.

Wearing cremation jewelry is a trend

These days people are choosing personalization on the funeral urns they are choosing for their loved ones. The idea of keeping the last remains closer to the heart has gone to an extent where people are choosing unique cremation jewelry over keepsake urns for preserving ashes. Urns for making cremation jewelry are generally smaller in size as compared to other conventional urns. These smaller urns are mostly created in precious and semi-precious metals and are often engraved with beautiful stones. Jewelry pieces made out of cremains like rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants are often worn on special occasions, especially when there is a celebration in the family. This gives the family members a sense that the departed person is still there with them. Thus, it can be said that today, funeral services have become more meaningful and personalized than the yesteryears.

There have been changes in the funeral industry itself

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