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Personalize Loved One’s Funeral: 6 Ideas You Need to Know

Personalize Loved One’s Funeral: 6 Ideas You Need to Know

“A good funeral gets the dead where they need to go and the living where they need to be.” Funeral Writer and Director Thomas Lynch said this quote to define what a funeral should be. However, it is also true that funeral is not just about transportation of the dead body, embalming and the final disposition. For a family, losing someone is an emotionally overwhelming event that often involves a lot more than just disposing of the mortal remains. These days, people who find it difficult to part with the last remains of the departed persons choose to preserve the cremains in decorative funeral urns, which they keep as a showpiece or memorabilia of the beloved family members. Sounds unique to you? Yes, people are exploring different ideas to personalize a loved one’s funeral, and here are 6 of those for you:

  1. Think of what the person loved the most – sports, nature, pets, or adventure. Accordingly, you can choose cremation urns for preserving the cremains of the person. If he/she loved nature, you can always choose biodegradable urns for funeral. These urns get completely disposed and do not cause any harm to nature. And, there are separate urns for scattering ashes into water bodies and for ground burial.
  2. Choose to engrave personalized messages and quotes on burial urns for ashes. If you remember a unique quote about the person, you can get that engraved on the vessel. You can also engrave on the urn something that you’ve always wanted to say to the person. You can find fine examples of such personalized, engraved urns on the online store of a brand like Memorials4U. Check ‘em out!
  3. Make sure you are choosing the right theme of urns for cremains. There are sports urns, angel urns, and military urns. Each of the urns is made to contain the ashes of a particular person. At the store of a reputed brand like Memorials4U, you can also find cremation boxes for babies and small children. So, select urns for cremains carefully.
  4. Do you like the idea of growing a memorial tree on the ashes of your beloved relative? These days, people are using specially designed biodegradable wooden urns containing the seeds of a particular tree. When such urns containing the cremains of a person are buried in a particular place, these grow into trees. You can choose to grow a tree of your choice on the cremains of your relative.
  5. Some unique funeral ideas also include the ways in which you’d like to keep the urns for ashes. While there are people who like to keep such vessels containing ashes in private spaces like a bedroom or inside a wardrobe, some people decorate the mantle or a shelf with such urns. Choose a unique resting place for your loved ones.
  6. To make it unique, you can choose where to buy urns. Many people choose urns from funeral houses and columbarium. However, there are limited options at these places and the price is also often high. A good place to buy cremation boxes is an online store. From such a store you can pick the ones you like by choosing from nearly a few hundreds of different options. Moreover, the price would also be comparatively less as compared to buying from any physical store or funeral house.

Now, you have loads of unique ideas to personalize a funeral. Have you thought of using such urns for cremains as condolence gifts? It is also a unique idea. Isn’t it? Check for urns at the online store with the largest inventory of funeral vessels – Memorials4U. You are sure to find some great funeral ideas.