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Purchasing a Cremation Urn - 5 Useful Tips to Help a Friend

Purchasing a Cremation Urn - 5 Useful Tips to Help a Friend

You must be shocked at the sudden demise of your best friend’s husband. She must be feeling awful and is devastated. But you ought to help her complete the funeral rites and rituals. If you are aware that it was her husband’s wish to be cremated, you should help her find a suitable cremation service provider. Another important her buy the cremation urn. She may not be in a position to shop around and choose the best urn for her husband. So, how do you help her? Here are top 5 useful tips to do so in the best possible way:

Begin with her

She should be the one deciding whether the ashes will be turned into urn necklaces or preserved in a cremation urn. So, you must talk to her on this. She will also be able to tell you whether her husband wished for anything specific like engraved keepsake cremation urns. She might be emotionally down, but involving her in choosing the design of the necklace for ashes of her husband will be the right thing to do. She will be keeping the cremation urn or jewelry with her for a long time. So, it should be something she relates to and keeps close to her heart.

How can you choose?

You can shop around and bring a few choicest pieces of urn necklaces to her. If you have known her husband for being a religious man or a nature lover, you can choose a theme for the urns or design of the jewelry accordingly. You can choose urns according to the profession of the person. There are differently designed urns for military persons and for sportspersons. If you do not know the person well enough, make sure to do so before choosing urns. This will help you to choose the best option.

Ask your friend or her family members regarding the funeral rituals that they are going to follow. Accordingly, you can choose the urns for the ashes. Ask your friend whether she wants to create a necklace for ashes of her husband. She may even want to bury or scatter the cremains. You need to choose materials for the urns accordingly. Generally, metal and stone ones are used for preserving the ashes for a long period of time.

Flying with the ashes

If your friend is planning to carry the cremains of her beloved in an airplane, you should check the laws of the state and the respective airlines regarding this. It will help you to choose the right size and the appropriate materials for the urns.  Moreover, each of the states has a different set of rules and regulations for cremating humans and disposing of the ashes. If, you know the regulations thoroughly, you can help your friend accordingly.

Deciding the budget

A budget for the keepsake cremation urns is something that you cannot decide. You definitely need your friend’s suggestions and decision for the budget for purchasing urns for cremains. Generally, cremation jewelry is costlier as compared to urns for preserving the cremains. This is because cremation jewelry is often made from precious metals like gold and silver and engraved with costly gemstones. So, ask the budget first, this will help you to choose the right sizes, the appropriate material, and the right shape of the urns.