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Show you Love to Your Deceased Pet with Pet Cremation Urns and Cremation Jewelry

Show you Love to Your Deceased Pet with Pet Cremation Urns and Cremation Jewelry

Pet cremation is a good idea to show your gratitude and love to your deceased furry friend. With Pet Cremation Urns and Pet Cremation Jewelry, you can make it more memorable and keep the memories of your beloved pet alive.

Your pet is no less than your family member. And, it’s really hard to bid adieu to your darling pet. However, an appropriate pet memorial, say a dog cremation urn or a Cremation Jewelry can help you keep its memory alive forever. Also, it would be like honoring your pet for the unconditional love it showered on you until its last breath.

The custom of pet memorial is not something new. In fact, it dates back to the ancient era, when grief-stricken pet owners used to mummify their pets to memorialize them. However, in today’s world where mummification is not possible, pet owners still have the option to honor their furry pals with the help of cat urns.

Take a quick look at different types of Pet Cremation Urns and other memorials available in the market.

Urns and jewelry for pet cremation

Since time immemorial, grieving pet owners have kept back the ashes of their pets in traditional urns that are usually carved in cubic (rectangular or square) or vase-like shapes. However, with innovations in technologies cremation urns have taken different types of shapes and styles. So, whether you want a traditional one or a new variant, you have a number of options to choose from. The pointers given below would help you familiarize with the different types of urns and ornaments available for pet memorial jewelry.

Pet Figurine Urns

It is one of the latest types of pet urns. It is either made up of wood or metal. The metallic counterpart is the most preferred one among the pet owners. As the name suggests, these urns are carved or molded like your pet’s statuette, be it a cat or a dog, with a threaded opening on the top of it. As far as options of metals are concerned, you can choose metal pet urns from an extensive range like brass, copper, bronze, pewter, and so on.

Pet memorial keepsake urns

These are especially designed to keep a portion of the ashes of your pets safe. These pet urns and keepsakes are available in different types of materials, designs and shapes. The most popular ones are the ones with paws engraved on time lid. It is equipped with a threaded screw on the top of the structure that safely keeps the ashes of your beloved pet.

Pet cremation jewelries

Most of the pet owners who opt for pet cremation love the thought of keeping a little amount of cremated ashes of their pets along with them in especially designed pet ashes jewelry. Pet jewelries are available in different types of designs and shapes. Some of the most liked ones are paw prints, baseball bats, hearts, dog bones, kitties and other animal shapes. With some of the best manufacturers, pet cremation jewelries are also available for birds and horses other than furry friends like cats and dogs.

Although, these ornamental pieces are available in different types of metals, stainless steel is the most preferred option.

Every pet is unique

Every pet, be it a cat, a canine, a bird or a horse or anyone else, is unique. Therefore, some of the best cremation supply companies make sure to meet your individual requirements, both your product requirements and budget. You can also shop for unique cremation urns and jewelries for pet cremation online with some of the best stores in your state.