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The Materials for Funeral Urns Should Be Carefully Chosen

The Materials for Funeral Urns Should Be Carefully Chosen

Urns for cremation ashes are available in a plethora of designs and engravings. They are created from different types of materials including wood, stones, and metals. If you are planning to create jewelry with human ashes you should know in-depth about the materials available to be able to avoid unwanted surprises like allergies. Moreover, if you are considering a purchase of urn with engraved gemstones, you should have an idea regarding choosing the real ones. It is important to know the ways to differentiate between fake and real stones and gemstones. Given below is a short guide to help you choose the right materials for the cremation urns:

Choosing biodegradable funeral urns

These days, with people becoming more and more environmentally friendly,  there is a huge demand for biodegradable wooden urns for human ashes. A wooden urn is sturdy enough to hold the ashes until the date and the plan for the last rites of the deceased person is finalized. Then, the urn can be used to scatter the ashes in the sea or on land. Moreover, the wooden urns for human ashes can also be used to bury the last remains. In addition to wood, other plant-based materials are also often used for making these urns.

Generally, for creating wooden urns for human ashes wood from maple, cherry, oak, and pine are used. These are stained and often engraved with beautiful designs. These are quite popular for burying the ashes and for keeping in a columbarium. As wood is a biodegradable material and is comparatively affordable  in terms of pricing, there are many people who opt for wooden urns.

Brass cremation urns

Brass is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc. It is a lightweight yet lustrous metal that looks elegant when polished. There are beautiful engravings available with brass urns. These alloy urns are also often coated with enamel or paint. You can purchase a brass urn for your loved one, which you can keep as a decorative piece in your home.

Ceramic urns

Ceramic is another popular material that you can choose for urns for cremation ashes. However, ceramic is delicate and fragile. Thus, if you are planning to keep the urn inside the wardrobe or in a columbarium, where it will be safe, you can choose the material. Often, the urns made with porcelain and mud get an earthy feel, which you might like. There are also handmade ceramic urns that you can purchase for keeping the cremains of your loved ones.

Marble cremation urns

Cremation vessels are often made from natural as well as cultured marbles. Natural marbles have swirls of colors, also called veins because of imbibed impurities. Cultured marbles are however less expensive of the two varieties and resemble the natural marble urns closely. These urns are crafted to be beautiful as well as durable. These urns can also be polished for getting a brilliant luster. Marble cremation urns look classy and are great additions to the interiors of your home too.

Jewelry for ashes

When it comes to creating cremation jewelry for ashes of family members and close relatives, there are a few precious metals that are widely being chosen. One of the most popular materials is gold. These days white gold is also used for creating the urns for ashes. Silver is another popular metal for creating cremation jewelry.