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Top Cremation Trends That Can Give You a Unique Way to Memorialize Your Loved One

Top Cremation Trends That Can Give You a Unique Way to Memorialize Your Loved One

With cremation becoming a popular choice, the ways to memorialize your loved one has also increased. More families are now choosing cremation over the traditional burial system, as the former is environment-friendly and economical. The families can choose from a host of top cremation trends to honor and memorialize their loved one. Getting beautiful personalized urns to preserve the ashes is a common thing. People are now searching for new ways to memorialize their beloved one.

Here is a list of top cremation trends that have been widely accepted by people.

  • Organizing scattering party/event - Not every family wants to preserve the remains safely in their house. Such families have the option to either scatter the remains in a water body or scatter the ashes in a place that was loved by the departed soul. Every site has some guidelines concerning the scattering of ashes, so make sure to comply with those rules. The cremated remains can be carried in burial urns for human ashes to the final scattering place. Other family members and friends can be called in the event, and in the presence of everyone, the remains can be scattered.

  • Turn them into beautiful jewelry - The technological advancements have made it possible to make jewelry using the cremated remains of your loved one. One of the best parts of this trend is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. A process is followed by the professional jewelers wherein the ashes are pressed with the other materials to make precious jewelry. You can ask the concerned professionals to make the jewel of a color of your choice also. Another best trend to follow is to preserve a little portion of the remains in beautiful small urns and convert the remaining ashes into beautiful jewelry.

  • Adopt creative ways - The art industry has contributed significantly in coming up with new innovative ways to memorialize your loved one. Many painters are mixing the cremated remains with different colors to make a portrait of the departed soul. It is a unique way to honor the memories of your near and dear one. Alternatively, a small portion of the remains can be preserved in a beautiful and sturdy heart shaped urns. You can get them at Memorials4u.

  • Getting a memorial reef - If your loved one was a lover of the marine life, then this is probably the best option to follow. In this case, an artificial receptacle is purchased for your beloved person’s cremated remains. This receptacle is taken and installed on the floor of the ocean. Gradually, this artificial receptacle becomes a part of the marine habitat, and also home to the aquatic flora and fauna.

You can adopt any of the trends mentioned above to memorialize your loved one in a unique way. Alternatively, you can also follow the traditional way of safely preserving the remains in sturdy and alluring urns. You can get the best quality personalized urns at Memorials4u, a renowned shop offering all the cremation vessels. Starting from the military urns to the angel urns – everything can found here.