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Unique and Beautiful Celebration of Life For the Memory with Urn Necklace

Unique and Beautiful Celebration of Life For the Memory with Urn Necklace

Dealing with the grief of losing a family member is different for different people. Some become depressed, while others become indifferent to the world. Some people indulge in various activities instead of mourning to surpass the pain. So, how you experience grief and navigate through it entirely depends on you. However, the best way to celebrate the life of your precious loved one is by wearing a necklace for ashes, one of the most preferred cremation jewelry.

Necklace For Ashes

Don't let the ashes of your loved one go forgotten with time!

Earlier, cremation was not common and was often seen as a taboo. However, now, a majority of American families choose cremation over burial as their end-of-life plan. The reasons are quite understandable - the former is economical, flexible, needs less or no space, and is environment-friendly.

So, if you do not want the remains of your loved one to sit forgotten on the top of the mantle or a columbarium, cremation jewelry makes the ideal choice. You will find a beautiful assortment of cremation urns and jewelry at reputed shops like Memorials4u.

Cremation jewelry: Do you find it weird?

The idea of wearing an urn necklace for ashes may seem a little weird to you if you are new to this concept. However, did you know people have been sporting mourning jewelry in different forms for centuries? Yes, that's true. You might be surprised to learn that this concept dates back to the Victorian period. Even Queen Victoria used to wear a cremation locket with the lock of her husband Albert after he died.

Now after the cremation is becoming more popular day by day, many people find it comforting to wear jewelry for ashes to hold a tiny amount of cremated remains as a token of remembrance. If you have been refraining from wearing one, there is no reason for not wearing cremation jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry: How to choose one?

With leading cremation product manufacturers and dealers like Memorials4u, you will find a broad range of products in varieties of designs and styles. Some lockets are designed like small receptacles, while some come as miniature heart urns for ashes or angel urns. If you want, you can also customize and engrave a message on the centerpiece. Some of the most commonly used phrases include the following:

  • A piece of my heart is in heaven.
  • God has you in my hands.
  • I used to be his angel.
  • I will meet you.
  • I miss you.
  • Always in my heart.
  • Forever in my heart.

So, you can either choose one from the above list or think of your own. 

If the one who recently passed away was a religious person, then you can also order cross cremation urns.

Concerned about others?

Are you concerned about what people will say about wearing cremation jewelry? First of all, how you should or would remember your family member after they are no more, is your personal choice. And secondly, a cremation pendant or any other jewelry looks exactly like a regular one. However, the former has a discreet compartment to hold the ashes. So, unless you tell someone, no one can understand that you are wearing something that has ashes.

Quality, affordability, and range under one-roof

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