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Urn Necklace for Ashes – Keep Your Loved One’s Remains close To Your Heart

Urn Necklace for Ashes – Keep Your Loved One’s Remains close To Your Heart

Humans are mortal creatures. So, all have to bear the pain of losing their loved ones at some point in their lives. If you fear the loss of someone close to your heart, think of ways you can keep them with you long after he/she is gone. One of the best ways today is to keep the cremains of the person with you in beautifully designed urns for cremation ashes. It is one of the most creative and personal ways you can deal with the cremation ashes of your loved ones. Even there are pet urns available in the market, which you can use to store the remains of your pet dog, cat, or even a bird. This way of keeping the remains of loved ones is fast becoming popular and many people are saying “yes” to the idea.

Buying urns for cremation ashes

Beautifully decorated cremation urns are available with a few reputed online stores. You can choose different materials for these containers for cremains. Stone, wood, alloy, and metal are some of the most popularly used materials for these urns. There are different shapes and sizes that you can choose from. If you want to bury the cremains in the earth or scatter the ashes in the sea, you can choose a wooden cremation urn. Such an urn will be biodegradable. You will be keeping the last wish of the person who wishes to be cremated. And, biodegradable materials will not cause any harm to the environment and decay easily.

How do you use cremation urns?

You can easily choose these urns from a reputed online store. There are different designs and sizes of these urns available. You can even check out the necklaces for ashes after cremation. The cremains is put into these urns to be preserved for decades. While the beautifully designed and carved urns can be used as a decorative piece for home, the necklaces could be worn by the loved ones of the deceased. You should decide on the purpose of buying such urns. For example, to cremate pet animals and for keeping their ashes forever with you, choose uniquely decorated pet urns.

Similarly, decide whether you want to bury the cremains or keep it with you. Accordingly, you can choose a wooden cremation urn or an alloy urn. You can also choose to create necklaces for ashes after cremation and share those with all your relatives so that whoever wishes to keep the cremains with him/her gets a part of it. In fact, wearing these necklaces is also considered lucky by many.

Considerations while buying

You must consider the design and the material for the cremation urns. Ask for the consent of all the family members. The design should be chosen according to the taste, profession, and likings of the deceased. For example, if buying an urn for the ashes of a sailor, the urn could be in the shape of a ship or anchor. In addition to all these, you should consider the cost. No need to choose exorbitantly priced urns as there are many reasonably priced and intricately designed options available. So, shop around a bit before buying.

What are you waiting for? If your loved ones wish to be cremated you must fulfill his/her wish. There’s no better way to keep them forever together in your family. Let others know about this post and decide whether they too want to buy cremation urns for their loved ones. Share it as much as you can so that no one feels awful for having no idea to be able to keep the cremains of his/her loved ones.