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Urns for Ashes for Adults – A Guide to Purchase Biodegradable Ones

Urns for Ashes for Adults – A Guide to Purchase Biodegradable Ones

Cremation is itself an environmentally friendly way of performing the last rituals of a person. Furthermore, if the ashes are to be buried or scattered, it is always better to use biodegradable urns for ashes for adults. Many people are embracing the choice of biodegradable materials for the urns. In fact, these urns are also often used for growing memorial trees. There are quite a few materials, which comes under the category of being biodegradable like paper, wood, stone, and sand.

A wooden cremation urn that is sans any toxic paint or plastic substance can be considered environmentally-friendly. In the manufacturing of such an urn, no dyes, adhesives, or decorations are used. However, this does not affect the look of the urn as natural dyes and handmade designs adorn it.  And, when buried, the wood decomposes easily and does not cause any harm to the environment.

The growing trend of being eco-friendly

These days, even the crematoriums are using electricity as it is a more eco-friendly option as compared to coke and natural gas, for cremating. As compared to traditional burials, cremation is economical as well as the ashes formed thus, are not harmful to the environment, as confirmed by many environmentalists. Moreover, there is a trend that has recently become quite popular – to grow trees on the cremation urns. The idea is to plant a sapling on the urn for ashes. Thus, a memorial tree will grow at the exact spot where the ashes have been buried. It is a nice gesture, which helps in preserving the environment as well as the deceased person is remembered by all through the tree that grows. Generally, people grow memorial trees in the backyard of their houses or in a favorite place of the deceased relatives.

If you are already looking for discount cremation urns, you must check on the Internet. There are a few reputable online stores where you can find a great variety at discounted prices. There, you will get the sizes you are looking for, and also appropriate materials. Furthermore, availing discounts will further reduce the prices of these urns.

Considerations while choosing biodegradable urns

When purchasing urns for ashes for adults, you must ask whether these are eco-sensitive and will leave little or no carbon footprint. A reputed manufacturer of cremation urns should be able to provide you with suitable information regarding the properties of the urns for human ashes.

Before purchasing urns you should decide whether you want keepsake brass cremation urns. You may want to follow the last wish of your loved one to bury the ashes or scatter the cremains in the sea. In order to do that, you surely need a wooden cremation urn. So, ask your family and plan the last rites well before shopping for urns for cremains.

Consider your budget for purchasing cremation urns. There are some online stores where you will find discount cremation urns. Offers and discounts on the urns of your choice will further reduce their prices and make those affordable. So, shop around before choosing any particular store.

As for price, brass cremation urns can sometimes be less costly as compared to handcrafted wooden ones. The price of urns also depends on the size as well as the materials you choose. So, make an informed decision while purchasing and choose to be eco-friendly even in your after-life and inspire others too!