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Ways To Remember Your Loved One Daily That Departed Recently

Ways To Remember Your Loved One Daily That Departed Recently

Getting over the fact that your loved one departed recently can turn your whole life upside down. No matter how much time one requires to grieve, the different funeral arrangements don’t leave enough time for it. From selecting the best urns for human ashes to informing the acquaintances of the funeral date and time- everything keeps you occupied till the very end. However, once the last rituals are performed, family members often keep searching for ways to remember the loved one.

To help the families, some practical ways have been shared below.

1. Be grateful for the unforgettable time you spent with them


Every single second spent with loved ones is special and magical. Some families even try to capture those moments by preserving the remains in customized cremation urns. Whenever you feel low or lonely, just think of the good things that you did together or the quality time that you spent together. The memories that will flash back will be enough to bring a smile on your face.

2. Celebrate small accomplishments

Life always surprises people with uncountable small achievements, but instead of celebrating them, people continue to wait for that “big” win. One of the best ways to remember your loved one is by celebrating even the smallest achievement. Think how happy the loved one will be after knowing about your little achievements. If you have safely kept a portion of the remains in a sturdy urn for ashes in your house, then you can always sit for a few minutes in front of it.

3. Do something that both of you enjoyed

Whether you two loved singing together or dancing to the beats- you should always indulge in activities that made you both happy. If you two loved traveling together, then make sure you store a little portion of the remains in cremation jewelry and wear it when going for a walk or elsewhere. In such cases, cremation jewelry will be a better choice over the standard funeral urns. You can get one from Memorials4u.

Wooden Cremation Urn - Beautiful Rosewood Urn

4. Give compliments

Nothing can be better than letting the departed soul know how special it was for you. You can buy a customized wooden urn, and get a special message engraved on it. It is a special way of conveying the message to the loved ones.

5. Dance like no one is watching

It may sound absurd, but it is useful and works like magic. Dancing diverts mind and helps the person forget all worries for some time. It can help boost mood and remember the loved one on a positive note.

Baseball Cremation Urn

These are some unique ways that the grieving family members should give a try. It will not only help them recover from the loss but will also ensure that the loved one stays alive in the memories on a positive note. If you have yet not purchased the perfect biodegradable urn or any other urn type for the last rituals, then you should get one from Memorials4u. It is a reliable provider of quality urns for human ashes at reasonable pricing. You can also check the Urn buying guidance resource- complete info on different types of cremation urns to ensure you choose the right urn for the departed soul.