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Ways to Scatter the Cremated Remains of Your Loved One

Ways to Scatter the Cremated Remains of Your Loved One

Families who opt for cremation have three options in which they can treat the cremated remains of their loved one. They can either, bury the remains, preserve the remains in funeral cremation urns or scatter the remains in nature. Many families feel that scattering is the best option as this way the departed soul can go freely back to nature. The process of scattering is not simple and you will have to be cautious of the place where you want to scatter the remains, as not every place is permissible for performing the scattering ceremony. You will also have to check the local regulations related to scattering before making the necessary arrangements. If you don’t have any idea about all this, then consult a professional funeral director for this purpose.

There are various ways in which you can scatter the cremated remains of your loved one. If you want to perform the last rights in a respectful manner to honor the memories of your loved one, then you can choose any of the following scattering methods.

Scatter the ashes in the wind

One of the various ways to scatter the cremated remains is to caste the ashes in the air. Casting ashes needs to be done precisely as you have to be considerate of the wind direction and the other family members’ sentiments. You can store the remains in beautiful cremation urns for burial or any other cremation vessel and then slowly pour the remains in the wind. Cremated remains are composed of a dense mixture consisting of sand and ashes, so you will notice the sand falling on the ground while the associated ashes will get combined in the wind. You can get quality urns from Memorials4u for storing the remains till scattering the ashes into the wind.

Scattering the ashes with a trench

People are constantly coming up with new ideas of paying a unique tribute to their loved ones. Trenching ashes is one such way that involves digging a trench in the ground and then scattering the ashes over it. Some families engrave the name of the departed soul and then fill it up with the cremated remains. You can also put flowers all around the trench to bid the last goodbye in a memorable manner. A trench can also be made near a water body, where a tide will come and take the remains with its waves. You can always visit the place where you scattered the remains for reviving the memories of your loved one.

Scattering the remains in a scattering garden

One more way is to scatter the remains by pouring the remains evenly on the ground and then raking the same at the end of a scattering ceremony. You will require the assistance of a funeral director for this purpose, as the scattering is performed after completing the last rituals. Many scattering gardens can be seen in various cemeteries but you cannot just go and scatter the remains without taking the concerned authorities permission. You can store the remains safely in cremation burial vaults and then scatter them once you decide on the way to dispense them.

Environment-friendly scattering of remains

This is the most popular scattering method that is performed by many families. A deep hole is dug into the ground, and then the remains stored in beautiful biodegradable urns for ashes are scattered in the ground or are either placed in the biodegradable urn. This prevents families from scattering the remains in restrictive areas. You can visit the burial grounds after scattering the remains for remembering the loved one whenever you want.

Scattering the ashes in Water

You can either scatter the remains directly over the water body by opening the lid of the cremation urns for burial or can either put the biodegradable urn containing the ashes directly into the water. Since the biodegradable urns are made using eco-friendly materials, the urn automatically dissolves in water leaving the ashes in direct contact with water. If there is time left for performing the scattering ceremony and you want to keep the remains in beautiful cremation vessel for the time being, then memorial boxes for ashes will be perfect for your purpose. You can get both biodegradable and non-biodegradable urns from Memorials4u, so buy the perfect vessel according to your desired scattering method.

Irrespective of the scattering way you choose to dispense the cremated remains in nature, it is always better to save a small portion of ashes as a memoir. Memorials4u is a leading provider of cremation vessel that also offers premium cremation jewelry at affordable rates. You can store a small portion of the remains in a cremation jewelry and keep it forever with you as a memory. If you scatter all the remains, then you won’t be having anything left to look after as a memoir of the departed soul. So always store some portion of the ashes in cremation jewelry or small urns before scattering the remains. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your family and friends.