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Where And How Should You Store A Cremation Urn?

Where And How Should You Store A Cremation Urn?

After the cremation of a loved one, it is important to decide whether to dispose of the cremains or preserve it. There are a number of possibilities that you can choose from. It is a matter of honoring the person and each person has his/her own way. Broadly, the number of options you have can be divided into three different choices:

  •    Storage
  •    Burial
  •    Scattering

There are many individuals who find it hard to part with the cremains of a deceased relative. And, storing the cremains in a cremation urn is also a way of keeping them close forever. That is the reason this concept has got much popularity. But where should one store the cremains and how? Read on…

Storage as jewelry

You can choose to preserve a section of the ashes and keep it always with you, close to your heart. And, for this purpose, cremation necklaces are the best options. These are necklaces that have storage for a small portion of cremains. In fact, there are other options too like earrings, rings, and pendants. The entire cremains received from the funeral home can be divided into smaller sections and shared among the family members for making cremation jewelry. Thus, everyone can keep an important family member close to themselves. Cremation jewelry is the best way to carry the cremains from one place to another in case of airline travels.

Storing in a columbarium or a mausoleum

A columbarium is a place where there are smaller niches for holding multiple urns for ashes. Every family can choose to place their loved one’s urns in a niche in a columbarium. You too can choose to do that. Just check the amount of space a niche has before choosing an urn. If you keep the urn there, all relatives will be able to pay a visit to the memorabilia in their own convenient time. Owing to this flexibility, many families are choosing this option for storing the cremains of their loved ones. Storing the cremains in a mausoleum offers the same advantages.

Preserving the cremains in the house

There are beautifully carved and designed urns available in the market, which are suitable for preserving the ashes. These urns can be kept as decorative pieces in the home. People tend to keep the urns in the mantle or on the shelf of the living room. These urns do not just enhance the décor of the house, but also works as a memorabilia of the deceased relative to the entire family. You can choose materials like wood, metals, alloys, and ceramic for preserving the ashes in the house. Choose urns that are engraved or designed with motifs and patterns.

Storing the cremains of humans as well as pets

Not just cremains of humans, but ashes of the beloved pets are also kept preserved by many families and individuals. Pet urns are containers for cremains that are relatively smaller in sizes than the human urns. They are often in the shape or a paw or has a face of an animal engraved onto it. Pendants and other jewelry pieces could also be made from the cremains of an animal.

So, now you know the different options you have for storing urns for cremains. Share this post so that others might know as well. Which method of storage of cremains suits you the best?