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Why are Especially Themed Marble Urns for Cremains Popular?

Why are Especially Themed Marble Urns for Cremains Popular?

Planning to purchase cremation urns for preserving the cremains of your deceased relatives? Why buy plain marble urns when you can purchase especially themed urns for commemorating the loved ones? Yes, these days it is possible to purchase a fishing urn for preserving the cremains of a departed individual who was a fisherman or loved fishing. Similarly, if you are preserving the cremains of army personnel, you should choose military or camouflage urns. By looking at the urn, everyone would get a hint of the hobby of the person or his/her profession. Such an urn will keep the memory of the departed person fresh in everyone’s mind.

Personalized urns are also popular

If you like the name of the person engraved on the urn, choose a brass urn and order for personalized engravings. You can have the name of the person or his/her particulars like date of birth, hobbies, and such like other information engraved on the urn. You can keep such a brass urn on the mantle or on a shelf in the living room. A fishing urn with engravings like a fisherman in action or the pattern of a fish is also often chosen for commemorating a person who had a special interest in the sport.

Additionally, there are other themed urns that are quite popular among the people. While some are sports urns with engravings of different sports events, some are marble urns with pictures of the deceased person engraved on them. So, if you visit a store for purchasing a cremation urn, you could find hundreds of different options. You should choose one as per your taste and requirement.

Pet and baby cremation urns

The death of a baby is one of the most devastating events in a family. It is hard to cope-up with the loss of an infant. Most of the time parents try to keep the cremains of the baby with them forever in the form of keepsake baby cremation urns. These urns are generally smaller as compared to the adult urns. You can also choose to preserve just a portion of the entire cremains. With such small baby cremation urns, you should be able to create keepsake cremation jewelry which can be worn on special occasions for example on the birth and death anniversaries of the child.

Similarly, you can also choose urns to keep the cremains of your beloved cat or dog. There are special pet urns for the purpose which are often in the shape of a paw or have the face of a dog or a cat engraved on them. You can also ask for personalized engravings on a pet urn like the name of your pet. Some people even choose to engrave the face of their beloved animal on the urn of their choice. All these practices remind the owners of their beloved pets and they feel that the pets are closer to them even after they die.

Emotional attachments to the urns

Choosing a cremation urn is an emotional decision that people makes. That is the reason it is always advisable to look for hundreds of options available at an online store before choosing one. You must choose an urn for preserving the cremains of your loved ones that appeal to you the most.

Make an intelligent decision while choosing urns for preserving the cremains of loved ones. Whether it is an adult, or a pet, or a child, you can choose an urn from a store like Memorials4U. Let others learn about it too by sharing this post.