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Why choose cremation over burial?

Why choose cremation over burial?

The option to choose between cremation and burial is a completely personal choice and families are allowed to choose whatever method they find to be satisfactory. Both the methods are being practiced in the current scenario and every family has their own beliefs for choosing the specific method they practice. Over a period of time, a lot of families have shifted from the traditional burial methods to the cremation one, as the latter proves to be a cost-effective and an eco-friendly way of honoring the body of the deceased. If you are considering cremation for your loved one, but are still confused with your choice then read ahead.

You don’t have to drain all your savings for a cremation

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the traditional burial method requires a lot of money, and not everyone is able to afford the same. Even if you choose a simple casket, you will have to pay some thousand dollars for it which is enough to disrupt your budget for completing the remaining last rituals. But if you choose to cremate the remains of your loved ones, then you cannot only complete the last rituals within your budget but can also dispose or retain the remains as per your choice. You can buy personalized funeral urns that are available in various price ranges in the market and then preserve the remains in a respectful manner. Memorials4u is one reliable provider of cremation vessels that offers a large variety of cremation containers and jewelry at reasonable prices so that every family can afford to pay a generous tribute to their loved one.

Preserve the memories in a way you like

Previously, people didn’t have any other alternative to the traditional burial system and they had to bury the deceased one in a cemetery. But, today the families can even keep the memories of their loved one in the form of cremated remains safely stored in a beautiful vessel. Over 50% of the total population has started to use the cremation vessels to preserve the memories forever with them. You can buy a vessel that closely resembles the deceased’s area of interest or liking, and then store his remains in that vessel. Starting from a fish urn to a military urn, heart-shaped urn to a basketball designed urn, you will find endless options of cremation vessels in the market. If the deceased one believed in spirituality, then you can keep his remains in beautiful angel urns. You can either place the vessel in your living area or a holy area of your house or any other place where you can see it regularly. Cremation gives you the right to preserve the remains of the deceased the way you like.

You are not degrading the environment

Every year, several thousands of people die but the number of cemeteries is limited in the country. It has become very difficult to find a place in the cemetery to bury the body of the deceased, and even if you find a place the cost being charged won’t allow you take that place. Some people started to focus on cremation because of lack of places in the burial ground or because of money constraints, while the others preferred cremation owing to environmental concerns. If you are short of money but yet want to bury the body of your loved one, then you can cremate the body and then keep the cremated remains in sturdy biodegradable urns for human ashes. This urn can then be buried in any burial ground. Since the vessel is made out of biodegradable products, so you can rest assured of the environment. Also, since you are burying only a small vessel and not the entire body, you will require considerably less space in the ground which can be made available within your budget. So, cremation will take care of both the environment and your traditional values.

Cremation allows the families to have more time for planning the funeral services

The pain of losing a loved one cannot be expressed in words and it becomes even more difficult to make arrangements for the last rights in a hurry, especially when you are not emotionally and mentally stable. Families who go ahead with the traditional burial cannot wait for long, as it is not ideal to keep the body in the open for long. But cremation can be done on the same day and you can preserve the cremated remains in strongly built cremation boxes for burial, until the time you make arrangements for the last rights. You can place an online order for the cremation vessel from Memorials4u and receive a free ground delivery as well. This will save much of your time that you can use according to your will.

You have to be particular about what you want and why, when deciding on the cremation vs burial matter. If you want to have flexible options to preserve the memories of your loved one in an environment-friendly and budget-friendly manner, then cremation should be your ultimate choice. Memorials4u is a leading provider of cremation vessels known for offering quality cremation vessels at fair prices, so you can use their services to get the best cremation containers at the best prices. You can also get cremation urn vaults from their online store. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your friends and family.