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Why Should You Buy Cremation Urns Online?

Why Should You Buy Cremation Urns Online?

Are you lured by the concept of preserving the cremains of your loved ones for eternity? Yes, it is difficult to let go of the ashes of close relatives. Now, you don’t have to. You can choose cremation urns for preserving the cremains of your loved ones. There are different types of urns for ashes available in the market. You may choose a design as per your preferences and the amount of cremains you’d like to preserve.

Where to buy urns for ashes?

You can get to purchase burial urns for human ashes at a funeral home. However, you should always prefer to buy such urns from an online store. According to a survey by the Funeral Consumer Alliance done in the year 2016, the average cost of funerary urns is higher at a funeral home as compared to online stores. Moreover, if you are looking for cremation boxes for burial, an online store will offer a lot more options than a funeral home. So, why choose from a limited collection of small urns for preserving the cremains of your loved ones?

Urn jewelry is available in large variety

These days urn jewelry for ashes has become quite popular. Small cremation urns are converted into jewelry pieces like a necklace or a bracelet. A cremation necklace for ashes generally contains just a portion of the ashes of your loved ones. The rest of the ashes can be taken in biodegradable cremation urns and buried in a cemetery or in a spot in a personal property. The jewelry pieces are beautifully carved and are often made from precious metals like gold or sterling silver. You may find a piece or two at a funeral home, but it is unlikely to get a huge variety of jewelry urns at a funeral home. So, instead of choosing to buy expensive jewelry pieces from a limited collection, you can choose such pieces of jewelry from an online store.

Pet urns are also available at an online store

Often the funeral homes lack all kinds of urns. For instance, you may not be able to find pet memorial urns at a funeral home. Many pet owners are close to their pets and find it extremely difficult to part with the cremains of their pet animals after their death. If you are such a pet lover, choose pet cremation jewelry from an online store. There are angel urns where you can keep the ashes of your beloved pets forever. These urns can be kept on the mantle or the shelf as showpieces. These urns are generally large in size as compared to urns used for necklaces for ashes of loved ones. These cat or dog urns may contain the entire cremains of the departed person and not just a part or portion of the whole amount.

Themed urns are also available

Are you looking for themed urns? Military urns are for army veterans. At an online store you will also find specialized sports urns for persons who had special interests in sports. Likewise, you can choose a burial vault for a person who had a special interest in hobbies like fishing.

So, if you have decided to buy an urn necklace for mom from an online store, choose Memorials4U. It is a store that has an impressive collection of all kinds of urns for cremains at affordable prices.