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Will Most Of The Funeral Budget Go Into Buying Cremation Urns For Humans?

Will Most Of The Funeral Budget Go Into Buying Cremation Urns For Humans?

Are you planning the cremation of your loved one? You must be worried about the budget for the cremation service and the funeral rituals. There are actually quite a few factors on which the budget for the funeral and cremation depend. Some of those include the price of cremation urns for humans, plan for disposing of the cremains, and the fees of the funeral home. Nevertheless, cremation is less costly as compared to traditional funeral services like burials. Unlike burial services, the cremation service just needs a few hundred dollars. Moreover, the cost of wood or alloy urns is comparatively cheaper than full-size caskets for burying the deceased person.

Cremation is considered to be a dignified way of preparing for the final disposition of a deceased family member and there are many people who are opting for it. The Cremation Research Council mentions that the average cost of cremation us approximately $1,100. The traditional funeral services require the body to be prepared for burial. This, the cost of embalming the body and the cost of the casket are excluded.

Within a short time after the death of a person, the body is generally cremated. However, you need to look for a cremation service provider and move the body of the deceased relative in a temporary coffin to the crematorium. You can hold a simple or an elaborate funeral as per your budget. However, you do not need to spend extravagantly to pay respect to the deceased person. A simple and modest farewell should be good enough.

Further reducing the cost...

Cremation is itself cost-effective as compared to burial. However, if you still want to reduce the cost, choose a reputed, but low-cost crematorium. There are memorial societies that provide low cost cremation services. Since you will need a casket temporarily for moving the body, rent one instead of purchasing.

Costs included...

There are certain costs that you need to keep in mind while choosing to cremate your loved ones. You need to pay for the funeral home’s services and buy a wooden urn for ashes. You may also need to pay for picking up the corpse to be carried to the funeral home. If you are waiting for the other relatives to come before the cremation, you may also have to pay for the temporary storage of the body. Calculate all these costs according to your plan for the funeral.

Costs of preserving the ashes

If you are planning to cremate the body and preserve the ashes of the person for a long period of time, you need to purchase cremation urns. However, purchasing necklaces for ashes after cremation will be costly as most of the time jewelry for ashes are created using precious metals like gold and silver and are set with precious stones.

Costs of disposing of the cremains

If you are planning to scatter the ashes into the sea or in the soil of any specific place, you need to keep a separate budget. You may have to get the permission of the respective authorities for scattering the cremains in any particular place or even in the ocean. You have to hire a boat to go a few miles into the sea to scatter. Moreover, if you choose any particular place to scatter, include the cost of traveling to that place.

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