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How to take best care of your Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is way more precious than any regular piece of jewelry because it holds the last material belongings of a loved one. Therefore, you tend to develop a unique bond with it. No matter what kind of cremation jewelry for ashes you wear, a necklace, a pendant, a ring, or a bracelet, make sure to take care of these delicate pieces to the best of your knowledge. Or else, you may end up breaking or damaging it. Here, we have put together some easy preventive and regular care tips that will, hopefully, help you take care of your cremation jewelry. Keep reading!


Tips for preventive care for sterling silver jewelry

  • Did you know - the more you wear your gold or sterling silver cremation jewelry, the more it shines? Yes, that is true. The natural oils in your skin help prevent tarnishing while maintaining the luster of your jewelry for a long time.
  • Always make sure to remove your pendant or any other cremation jewelry you wear when swimming, bathing, shampooing, or handling harmful chemicals.
  • When storing your cremation jewelry, make sure to keep it in an airtight box or covered with a soft cloth. It will help minimize the tarnishing of the pieces.

Polishing tips for sterling silver jewelry

  • You must not use harsh chemicals to clean or polish memorial jewelry for ashes. Most leading online shops, like Memorials4u, recommend the same. However, you can use a soft flannel cloth specially made to clean accessories. It polishes and instantly adds shine to the jewelry.
  • You may also find polishing paste for sterling silver jewelry in the market. However, you try avoiding chemical cleaning until your pieces are extremely tarnished.
  • Other things you may try to clean your cremation jewelry are - homemade cleaning solutions made from simple ingredients like water and ammonia or phosphate-free soaps or water and baking soda.

Tips to take care of your gold cremation jewelry

As far as gold is concerned, it is not as prone to taint as sterling silver. However, to ensure the shine and brilliance of your keepsake urns jewelry, some preventive care tips may help you. Reputable online brands, such as Memorials4u, also suggest the following tips. Take a look:

  • As these pieces contain the ashes, make sure not to dip them into water or any other liquid. It may damage the cremated remains. 
  • Like sterling silver, you should remove gold jewelry when going for a swimming session or bathing. You may also remove them when cleaning your home.

Polishing gold cremation jewelry

Some tips from leaders in selling cremation jewelry pendants and other pieces like Memorials4u include:

  • A soft microfiber or flannel cloth is good enough to polish cremation jewelry while maintaining its luster.
  • For deep cleaning, you may prepare a mixture of mild detergent in water. Then, dip a soft cloth and rub it gently on the piece. Remove the excess soap and water using a dry cloth.

Final words

So, these are some primary home care tips for keeping your pendants, rings, or necklaces for ashes of loved ones clean and polished. However, if your pieces need deep cleaning, you may also seek experienced professional cleaning.

Dear reader, cremation jewelry for ashes is not only fragile but holds a special position in your heart. Right? Therefore, whether you wear a sterling silver piece or something made out of gold or gemstone, regular cleaning is critical to such products.