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The Rising Dove Scattering Tube

$ 59.00 USD


$ 59.00 USD

About The Flying Dove Scattering Tube Cremation Urns

Attractive and bio-safe, this product allows you to scatter the cremated remains of your loved ones respectfully without disturbing the Mother Nature.

Solely made up of paper and cardboard, the product carries the image of a flying dove. The combination of the blue and the while color make this scatter tube render a calming effect. Although made up of paper components, it offers sturdiness and discreetness to the product. Its discreet look also makes transportation easy. As it is a bio-degradable cremation urn product, it does not pose any harm to the nature.

When the cremains are ready to scatter, slide off the lid, push the perforated tab and scatter the ashes gently from the tube. After the ritual is complete, this product can be recycled.

Product Details:


Standard Adult Scattering Urn


5” Diameter x 14.5” High


250 Cu inch (Room for a 250 Lbs. Person)


Blue and white


Cardboard & Paper


Tube Slides Open

Engraving Options